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We are closed Mondays!


Nursery will be closed from 23 July to 30 July inclusive.


We re-open on Saturday 31 July. 


Welcome back to our 2021 website. We will be open from Tuesday 2 March and we are looking forward to seeing you all again. Thank you for bearing with us and for being patient. Even though the majority of what we sell is grown on site we do need supplies and just at the moment those supplies can be erratic - that's what delayed our start back.


The nursery, as you will soon see from the following pages, is starting to fill up with everything  we usually sell at this time of year. Please be patient, we are doing everything to bring on our plants but we need to stick to our usual timetable to ensure the end product is fit for purpose. When we let our plants go we want to ensure they are the best they can be for your enjoyment so if that means waiting a week or two I'm afraid we have to do that.


Corona virus restrictions will still be in place and so we must continue to look out for each other on site. Please take a minute or two to read our guidelines before you set out to see us. With us all being jabbed, or looking forward to getting jabbed, the outlook is much more positive than this time last year but we don't want to take any risks.


If you have any queries about whether or not  we will have what you are looking for just get in touch via the enquiry form at the foot of our contact us page.


Our Google feedback thanks to you is fantastic. We do see the feedback and even though we do not have the resources to respond we are extremely grateful to each and every one of you who have contributed to our public profile.


Sarah and Richard

6 July 2021 





Our website is monitored daily and we aim to respond same day to queries. If you are pleased with how your garden, house, window box, street or country estate looks as a result of your efforts with our plants we would love to see your pictures and will, space permitting, be delighted to use them on the website. 


Please contact us via the website enquiry form at anytime. If you have picture attachments use the address: