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We are closed this Bank Holiday:
Monday 25 May Closed!!
Please see details here with regard to opening times and stock.

Please note social distancing applies and you need to avoid browsing on site. We aim to list all we have on the here now page.
Sarah and Richard 20 May 2020

WELCOME to Bloomsbury! Ours is a traditional nursery where the emphasis is on quality plants at reasonable prices. We are specialist bedding plant growers so almost all of the plants you see for sale are grown by us on site.

As well as plants, and as you would expect,  we sell a wide range of nursery products - everything from pots and garden ornaments to plant food and gifts. Something for almost any occasion.

We are 3 miles from Weston Park, 5 miles from Newport, close to Shifnal and a stone's throw from the "biscuit seller" or "Butty Man" island on the A5.

So, if you are making a trip to any of these places why not allow some extra time to call in on us at Bloomsbury?

Looking forward to seeing you in 2020.
Sarah and Richard

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